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Re: well equipmed garage (was re:Control Arm Bushings)

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Steve Powers wrote:

> My brother is the area manager for
> a welding supply wholesaler. In addition to the liguid nitrogen, I also
> found use for a demo of a nice new TIG system (runs on 110AC) and one of
> those liquid crystal lensed welding helmets.
> somebody's gotta test that stuff dontcha know !!

Some people have all the luck.  I need a TIG welder to repair a hole punched
into a 16V VW trans (sloppy mechanic - not me) that came out of a
Scirocco I bought on the cheap 'cause of leaking trans fluid.

MY kindom for a MIG and/or TIG welder (at no charge, of course)!


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