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Re: License Plate

>   I'm not trying to argue, but I have had a front plate on my
> Massachusetts  registered car for a year now.  They have been switching
> over to the two plate system for over two years.  Everytime a person
> needs a new plate, the registery now gives them two plates.  The reason
> for the switch over (according to a  state Trooper) is that it makes it
> easier for a hit and run victim to identify the car that hit them by
> allowing them to view the plate before they are hit.  Just my $.02.

Interesting. I don't think I've seen any with two plates yet.
I was sort of wondering when Massachusetts would join the rest
of the country (I think they were the only 1-plate state left).

About the holders: I don't remember seeing any cars that came
without them (probably DOT required). But, my '89 100Q had the
front license plate stolen last year, and the bracket came
right off the bumper, leaving 4 screw holes. There isn't much
to get in there, so I didn't get a new holder. Thus, my plate
sits in the trunk.

I was told that you only need to produce it for inspection;
you don't need to display it. I haven't been hassled yet.

BTW, that reasoning by the trooper sounds silly. My bet is
that they just want to go to the national standard of two plates
for general enforcement purposes.


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