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Re: license plates

Hairy green toads from Mars made Stott Hare say:
> Andrew,
>    Are you sure about this information?  I have been issued Defective 
> Equipment warnings in the past for having only one plate on the car.  I was 
> pulled over for another reason, but they couldn't prove it, so they gave me 
> a DE tag for the missing plate instead, but I've also been pulled over twice 
> solely because I wasn't displaying the plate on the front (bumper area)... 
> front window/dash doesn't count according to the female trooper that nabbed 
> me...
> Just my few hundred pesos... (exchange rates ya know, ;-)  )
>  -Stott Hare
> ______________________________________________________
>    <SNIP>
>    Massachusetts does not give out front plates. NH does, but you
>    don't need to display it. Mine's in the trunk for inspection time.
> _______________________________________________________

Well, I seem to have started something here.

Apparently, MA is now requiring both plates.

I have had no front plate on my car in NH for 18 months, been through
2 inspections, been ticketed once, and "looked over" by a cop once
with no trouble.

Who knows for sure?


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