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Re: Brakes on 1988 90?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Dan Simoes say:
> I ended up having the wheel bearing put in at a local shop
> (more on that later) and the guy commented that the brakes and
> rotors were nearly shot.
> - I inspected the pads when I mounted my snows in Dec, they looked
>   fine then...  Could they have gone bad so quickly?
> - No noise or squealing from the brakes, they work OK (?)
> - Isn't there a sensor that's supposed to light up for low pads?
> Pricing so far...rotors $34 each (ATE/OEM), Repco MM pads $54 a set
> from Stranos. 

Last spring, I had my rear brakes installed (pads&rotors). At the
time, the guy said my fronts were shot, too. Not wanting to shell
out $$$ for that job, I ordered the parts myself. Then, I discovered
he was selling me a bill of goods. The front pads/rotors were fine.
But, since summer, they've deteriorated badly. I think that 6 months
can make a real difference with front brakes.

Anyway, I opted for the Repco Deluxe, not the metal-masters. I have
heard that the MM's are not good for occasional use; they need to
heat up before they really grip. I got mine from Imparts.

For an '89 100Q, they were about $40/set for pads, $45/pair for rotors.
They still sit in my basement, awaiting installation this spring.


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