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Re: Brakes on 1988 90?

>- I inspected the pads when I mounted my snows in Dec, they looked
>  fine then...  Could they have gone bad so quickly?

Perhaps...I have some grooves in my rear rotors which I was told should be
replaced.  I said "Forget it!"  All it's going to do is increase pad wear
so I'll have to change the pads more often.  One day, when I have $$ and
time, I'll either have them turned or replaced.

>- No noise or squealing from the brakes, they work OK (?)

I'm getting LOTS o SQUEEK from the fronts...tried to replace them before
winter but the damned Teeves bolts are too difficult to get out.  I'll take
it to a shop when the weather is better, and I'll evaluate the rotors then.

>- Isn't there a sensor that's supposed to light up for low pads?

The wires are built into the FRONT pads only, however I can't find a place
to connect them.

>Pricing so far...rotors $34 each (ATE/OEM), Repco MM pads $54 a set
>from Stranos.

The rotors sound like a good deal.  I understand that the Repco pads, while
great performance items, kinda stink for every day driving.  The take a
while to heat up, and until then they don't work well.  Any rumors of
increased pedal effort?


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