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RFG Update....

Dunno if my first message made it to the list...cause I expected some
chatter about it.  Oh well, here's an update:

*Yesterday, Briggs & Stratton (HQ'ed in Milwaukee Wi) announced the RFG is
*NOT COMPATIBLE* with ANY of it's 2 stroke engines.

*Also yesterday, Harley Davidson (HQ'ed in Milwaukee Wi also...damn we're
cool!) announced the testing with RFG has shown that anything over 15%
oxygenated ingredients in gasoline is harmful to their engines.  Currently,
it is not required that pumps be marked as to they oxygenation content.
Harley has written a letter to the EPA asking that it require pumps to be

*Auto mechanics are now reporting an increased instance of headache,
diziness, and nausea when working *specifically* on the fuel systems of
cars running on RFG.  Note that ALL cars in this area are running on RFG.
Mechanics are questioning the LONG TERM health effects of exposure to high
levels of RFG fumes.  The EPA does not have any data, that they have
disclosed, on the subject.

*An announcement is expected today from the EPA regarding the future of RFG
here in Wisconsin.  It is expected that the EPA will reverse it's mandate
of RFG for everyone until further studies can be done on the short and long
term health effects of RFG.


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