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Re: License Plates

>FWIW, I have see ntwo types of clear covers advertised.  I do not use these
>products and can not vouch for their effectivemess, although I have heard
>that they work:
>The first is a "Laser-absorbing cover".  It is made of some type of clear
>plastic that must reflect less than regular glossy covers.  It is true that
>police will most likely aim at the licence plate as it usually reflects
>the most light and is a flat surface.
>The second cover I've seen advertised is one which only allows the plate to
>be visible within certain degrees of angle from head-on.  This has been
>developed to overcome photo-radar which shoots at a certain anle (outside
>the range of these plate covers).
>Both of these products (especially the latter) supposedly work very well. 
>The second cover described is illegal in certain states. (But then again,
>so is speeding).

Why not run BOTH covers?  That way, any light that doesn't get absorbed will
be scattered ... right?  :^)

BTW, one of the two towns in the Phoenix metropolitan area that used photo
radar have stopped: the residents made such a stink about it that the town
council canceled the contract with the provider (who was paid a commission
of $20 per ticket, as I recall) despite incurring a substantial penalty in
order to do so ... so much for "revenue enhancement," eh?

Add Arizona to the list of those states that don't require a front plate: as
a result, the one town that uses photo radar has a second camera set up down
the road taking a picture of the BACK of the car as well!  The town also had
to pass two new laws: 1) the registered owner of the car is liable for the
ticket unless they identify the driver in the picture and 2) only the ticket
is sent to your home; if you want to see the actual photo, you have to make
an appointment at police headquarters!

On the positive side, the photo radar trucks are painfully obvious and only
a complete idiot or someone sleeping soundly could fail to see them well in
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