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Re: Yank that engine, '84 4000S

>I am going to, in the period of the next two weeks, pull the engine out 
>of my "parts car" '84 4000S, 4-cyl.  I have increasing space sonstraints, 
>and as a result, must remove all of the things that I want, and get rid 
>of the shell, which is badly damaged in the rear.  The engine is going to 
>probably sit for quite a while before being installed in another chassis.
>The question is: what is the best way to keep all of the required 
>sensors, wires, plugs, etc., in order?  I have been thinking of some sort 
>of tag with a wire to tie onto the connection, as well as many Ziplock 
>bags for the little bits.  I have been pondering the idea of 
>photographing the job while I go, but it sounds like overkill.  I just 
>don't want to end up with a big mess that I can't remember how to 

If you're not planning on keeping the wiring harnesses, I'd recommend that
you cut them off 2" past each connector that attaches to the engine and/or
component; this way, when it comes time to reassemble everything, you just
physically compare each connector and match color codes for each wire with
those in the donor-recipient...

I've only found photographs useful for interior work; most everything else
can be figured by looking at the parts involved and/or the manual (but not
the new ones, alas ... am I the only person who misses the photos in their
Bentley manuals?  IMHO, the line drawings they use these days suck the big

If you tag parts, don't use paper labels -- they eventually rot and become
hard to read -- use a thin piece of plastic and a permanent marker.  I buy
the plastic sheets at a local art supply house, cut it into little pieces,
punch a hole through one end with a hole punch, and tie it on with bailing
wire.  I've got some pieces that have been sitting on a shelf for going on
10 years now and the labels are not only still attached but legible... 

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