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Re: License Plate

>On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Andrew Shea wrote:
>>   I'm not trying to argue, but I have had a front plate on my
>> Massachusetts  registered car for a year now.  They have been switching
>> over to the two plate system for over two years.  Everytime a person
>> needs a new plate, the registery now gives them two plates.  The reason
>> for the switch over (according to a  state Trooper) is that it makes it
>> easier for a hit and run victim to identify the car that hit them by
>> allowing them to view the plate before they are hit.  Just my $.02.
>I feel the need to leave my $.02 as well,
>I live in Ohio, which requires two plates for legal operation.  I have 
>always felt that the front plates detracted from the looks of a car.  
>This is especially true of something with a pointed, sculpted nose 
>section.  All cars sold (in theory) in states that require two plates are 
>equipped with a front plate holder.  If the car was originally purchased 
>in a state without front plate regulations, it probably doesn't have 
>one.  That's why someone with the exact year/model might have a front 
>holder when your doesn't.
>                                ---Bob

Hey, I had to put a frame (Audi part) and plate on the front of a
beautiful, untouched '83 TQC here in Colorado.  Looks terrible but you sort
of get used to it.  But no more complaining, okay...brings back bad