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Re: License Plate

>  Well,
>  I think the Audis have very nice looking front ends and the front license
>  plates really look like crap. What I do is just ty-wrap the front plate
>  to the grille for inspection purposes and cut the ty-wraps and remove the
>  front plate immediately afterward, like after pulling out of the
>  inspection station lot onto the street.  :)  Also, you will want to carry
>  that front plate with you in the trunk or something just in case.
>  -glen

By the way,

Apparently our CO Troopers have a greater sense of sensibility.  I got
pulled over while coming off of Vail Pass at significantly greater than the
speed limit after going around cars going 40-45 mph and looking at
scenery...in both lanes of course.  Kina didn't see the guy until I crested
the hill.  When he did pull me over 5 or 6 minutes later, he politely
informed me that he had done so because I didn't have a front plate.  Wrote
me a warning/fix it ticket.  Have the plate on now...he did comment about a
permanently mounted plate also, by the way.  Nice guy.