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turbo theories Part ???

  Regarding methods of maintaining boost between shifts, I recently came 
across an option that is a bit more practical than the fuel into the 
exaust idea. In an article about the Quattro in the Jan/Feb isuue of 
Grassroots motorsports Jim Pettengill writes: for pikes peak in 1987"the 
sport had been tweaked to more than 700 horsepower, had even larger 
wings AND A COMPRESSED-AIR SYSTEM to prevent turbo impellor stall during 
gear shifts."

  This seems like a good solution for street applications. An air tank 
could be mounted in the trunk which could be easily refilled at any 
service station. A solenoid could be used from a nitrous oxide kit which 
woul be triggered from a closed-throttle switch. The only problem would 
be perhaps a confused reading at the 02 sensor and possible problems with 
the cat. But I'm not sure how the additional air would affect these. The 
compressed air would probably help cool the turbo a little. Its surely 
easier on the turbo than would the little "backfires" caused by injecting 
fuel. Done correctly it would shurely be more effective than bypass valve.

 Just thought this was interesting. Feedback?. 
-Rod Wiggins