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Re: turbo theories Part ???

On my '81 Rabbit, I had the air horn out of a T600A to molest bad 
drivers. (Nobody expects that much sound out of a rabbit)  It required 
about 120 psi to operate. I Got an old FREON tank, and put on a schraeder 
valve so I could refill it at the gas station. I started thinking about 
using an emissions air pump to refill it, but nowhere near the right PSI. 
It didnt last for more than 3 blasts without a refill. I would guess the 
turbo would require similar volume to retain that rpm, which means on a 
30 pound tank, you'll get about 3 shifts out of it!!! We'll have to 
figure a way to have the engine refill it....

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Rod L. Wiggins wrote:

>   Regarding methods of maintaining boost between shifts, I recently came 
> across an option that is a bit more practical than the fuel into the 
> exaust idea. In an article about the Quattro in the Jan/Feb isuue of 
> Grassroots motorsports Jim Pettengill writes: for pikes peak in 1987"the 
> sport had been tweaked to more than 700 horsepower, had even larger 
> wings AND A COMPRESSED-AIR SYSTEM to prevent turbo impellor stall during 
> gear shifts."
>   This seems like a good solution for street applications. An air tank 
> could be mounted in the trunk which could be easily refilled at any 
> service station. A solenoid could be used from a nitrous oxide kit which 
> woul be triggered from a closed-throttle switch. The only problem would 
> be perhaps a confused reading at the 02 sensor and possible problems with 
> the cat. But I'm not sure how the additional air would affect these. The 
> compressed air would probably help cool the turbo a little. Its surely 
> easier on the turbo than would the little "backfires" caused by injecting 
> fuel. Done correctly it would shurely be more effective than bypass valve.
>  Just thought this was interesting. Feedback?. 
> -Rod Wiggins 

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