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Re: Ur Article

I can see the Q reaching cult status... heck, I live in CT, and I pray to 
it every morning it snow! (Which unfortunately has only been ONCE this 
year so far...!!)

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Rod L. Wiggins wrote:

> greetings all,
>   FYI there is an article in the march issue of Thoroughbred and classic 
> Cars comparing the 81 Ur quattro with the 20 valve 91 Ur quattro. Its a 
> short article, nice photos. Just a little tidbit for those of us who 
> share the obsession. ( the recent issue of Grassroots Motorsports states 
> that quattros have reached "near-cult status".  Hmmm.)  Anyone know any 
> good quattro chants? I do know a bit about $acrifice.
> -Rod Wiggins

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