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FOR SALE: 84 Audi 4000S Quattro.

Well I decided to sell the Audi.  Sorry if you have seen this before.  Feel 
free to propagate this to anyone/anywhere it might be of interest.

Red, 84 Audi 4000S Quattro
Asking $4000/obo

This is a great do it all car, and still competitive and setup for HS, and 
if it rains, you can beat the corvettes!.

115hp/120ftlb 5 cylinder
5 speed
173K miles
14x6 stock alloys
AWD, with locking center and rear differentials
Power locks, windows, and sunroof
Nice four speaker stereo
New paint (same red as before)
New Battery
Koni sport hydraulic adjustable shocks
Walker Dynomax muffler
Air (needs fixing, I think just a recharge)

Repair History:
Hydraulic clutch pedal unit at 80K
Shocks at 85K
Muffler at 90K
Complete brake overhaul at 120K, now with metal masters.
Front outer CV joint rubber boots at 130K
Waterpump at 135K
Valve cover gasket at 150K
Shift linkage at 165K
Sunroof guides at 170K
Various belts and hoses as they looked worn.

Car has had some minor dings and dents, all recently fixed along with new 
paint.  Runs strong and has not had any major repairs done.  I've had this 
car for 9 years, and it's been the most reliable car I've ever seen.

For those on the AUDI list, I'm not on the list, so please respond directly 
to me at:

Joe Goeke
24300 7th Ave W.
Bothell WA, 98021
h) 206 489 9288
w) 206 814 3508