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Re: Fuel Richment

  The fool entrichment system I have been experimenting with is made by
  Callaway, sold under another (forgot who) name and purchased through
  (also forgot) one of the major VW Tuners in CA. You know, they're famous
  for their turbo kits for VWs..... It uses an electronic control unit that
  monitors both RPM and boost. An additional electronic peak-and-hold Bosch
  injector is used. Different size injectors can be used to control
  delivery volume. The control unit is also adjustable for boost-level
  inject turn-on as well as delivery rate/RPM. I mounted the control unit
  under the glovebox with velcro and the injector mount is welded to a
  piece of steel pipe that I inserted into the rubber hose between the
  intercooler and the throttlebody on the '85 ur-Q. I customized the
  control unity and installed an on/off switch and an injection volume
  indicator light. Again, with the Stage II IA CPU, 17 PSI boost, S4 turbo
  and stock cam, the extra fuel is not needed anyhows. It might be needed
  with the KuQEFH though, we'll soon (I hope) see. Updates to follow.....

  NEW DIMENSIONS, that's where I got the Callaway kit! I think they have an
  even better CPU-controlled unit available now that they use on their
  "heavy-duty" New Dimensions Turbo Kits.