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Re: S4 suspension

> I have a '92 S4 Quattro.  I love the car.  However, I recently moved to the
> Bay Area CA from Oregon.  The roads here are behind in repair, very rough.
> I had the ABT bilstein suspension from Joe Hoppen.  The ride was too harsh
> and the car sits to low.  Suprisingly I put the old 92 suspension in the car
> and it was still to harsh.  I bought  '94 S4 shocks and springs, but now the
> roll stiffness doesn't seem to be tuned to the shocks and spring
> combination.  I feel every bump with a delay through the suspension.  I took
> of the rear swaybar and that seems to help.  The next step I'm contemplating
> is reducing the '92 antiroll bar diameter from stock 29mm to 100cs 25mm and
> adding S4 Eibach springs to slightly lower the car and increase the spring
> rate all around to compensate for the antiroll bar change.  
> Has anyone out there gone through this mess.  Please help, I want to save my S4.
> Jay Eisenlohr
> jay@synema.com 
Sorry to hear about the suspension harshness problem Jay ...

I think I may have the solution for you; I have a 1988 5000CSQ Wagon that I'll
trade straight across for your S4 :).  I drive the "rough" roads of the Bay 
Area in it all the time, and I have no complaints with ride harshness.  I'll 
even throw in a set of brand new BFG Comp TA HR4 205/60X15s.  (should I offer
a 2-for-1 deal?)

Seriously ...
Do you know if any of the suspension mods you backed out are compatible with
either an ur-Q or the aforementioned 5kCSQ?  If so, and you don't think that 
you need them anymore, and you want to part with them ... let me know.

Steve Buchholz