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Re: 5ktq bar ?'s

> 	I've been driving my 5000cs quattro for a couple of days.  Now I
> have a few questions.  I believe there is something wrong with my
> trip/functions computer.  When I start the engine, isn't the bar meter
> supposed to read 1?  Isn't one equal to an atmosphere?  The highest bar
> reading I can get is 1.2, and that is under full throttle.  However, I
> do not believe there is anything wrong with the engine/turbo because the
> car seems quite fast.  Of course, ( this doesn't mean I'm not going to call IA)
> Usually the bar meter will read .5.  

I assume that you mean when the engine is idling you see a reading of 0.5,
if so that is normal, since the manifold is at a partial vacuum when at idle.
If you turn the key to the on position without starting the motor you should 
see a reading of 1.0.  On the '88 I see a value of 0.9-1.0 in this situation,
at max boost I see numbers of 1.2-1.3.

> 	Also, the mpg reading remained around 22mpg but when I filled up
> I only averaged 18mpg (keep in mind that I was getting used to the car
> during this period).  

The fuel economy reading is computed using a potentiometer mounted on the 
airflow sensor.  When I bought the '88 this resistor was not functioning at 
all.  I managed to get it to do something by manually working the wiper 
against the resistance material (I opened the air box and removed the filter 
and got at the thing from underneath).  After doing so I get similar results 
to what you see.  The Bentley states that there is a way to adjust the cal-
ibration of the reading, but I haven't felt the need to rip out the dash 
to get at it.

> 	Third, I can not get the computer to reset.  

You have to hold the reset button down for a few seconds before it occurs.
It is also true that you cannot reset all values, the M.P. & Range values
cannot be reset.  If you knew all of this you may have a wiring problem 
with the reset switch.  In the Bentley it talks about a diagnostic mode ...
don't have the book in front of me right now, but I think you hold down the
reset button when you turn on the ignition switch.  This could tell you for 
sure if the computer can see it.

> 	Anyone have any ideas?  
> 	Thank you!
> 	Andrew
> 	Also, has anyone had any experience with D60 A2's?  These are
> the tires my car came with and I'm not quite sure I like them.  But them
> again, I've only been driving it for a couple of days.
My car came with D60A2s too.  I didn't think that they were that bad for
60 series tires.  They are rather inexpensive as well.  I do have Comp TA
HR4s now though.  

Enjoy the new ride!
Steve Buchholz