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Re: 4K oil light/buzzer

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, gund wrote:

> I am curious about the reliablity of the oil light/buzzer on the dash of my
> 87 4k. The reason I ask is that it was going off intermittedly during a
> short drive on the freeway(approx. 45 minutes). It buzzed for less then a
> second after about 5 minutes of driving and then off and on after a 20
> minute stop(engine shut off) when we were on the freeway again. The Bar and
> temp guages said everything was fine. Anyone have some help on this? Thanks
> in advance.

With all thing Audi, check the connections first!  Mine did the same 
thing after an oil change, and after wiggling/cleaning various 
connectors, it went away for good.  The connection is located on the oil 
filter housing.