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Re: 4K oil light/buzzer

> Chad, so glad to know that I am not the only one with the problem. My
> d--n oil light/buzzer goes off quite often. It seems to be a short somewhere
> in the circuit for me. It curious that the buzzer can be 'shook' from buzzing
> sometimes by hitting the brakes hard or rounding a sharp curve. 
> Additionally my water temp light will come on and stay on for long periods,
> though it thankfully isn't accompanied by the 'buzz' that can drive you 

RE: the water sensor light
My water leve/temp light goes on every once and a while around hard turns 
and long sustained freeway ramps, etc.  The fix: fill the reserve bottle 
up a little higher.  When I do this, the light behaves itself perfectly.  
So top up those reservoirs!!