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Re: License Plates

>> Add Arizona to the list of those states that don't require a front plate: as
>> a result, the one town that uses photo radar has a second camera set up down

>Here's a joke I had read about an incident of Photo Radar use (claimed to
>be true, but who knows).
>Apparently, a guy received a picture of his car in the mail with a
>ticket for speeding - a result of the recent photo radar use in his area.
>The fine was $100. So he sent his ticket back with a photocopy of a
>$100 bill. The authorities, seeing the humor in this, in turn mailed
>him back a photo of handcuffs. He promptly paid his ticket.
Whatever happened to the good old days when tickets were
used to punish drivers for being a menace/safety hazard.  Wait till
a few elected officials/off duty police officers start receiving these
 -  then we'll see some action to curtail this (it still might be an 
acceptable option for school zones or some specialty cases).

jim h