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Re: License Plates

   >Apparently, a guy received a picture of his car in the mail with a
   >ticket for speeding - a result of the recent photo radar use in his area.
   >The fine was $100. So he sent his ticket back with a photocopy of a
   >$100 bill. The authorities, seeing the humor in this, in turn mailed
   >him back a photo of handcuffs. He promptly paid his ticket.

   Whatever happened to the good old days when tickets were
   used to punish drivers for being a menace/safety hazard.  Wait till

Sheesh, been watching too many late-night black'n'white flicks? Tickets
are revenue-raising tools (I'd say "scam"). Period. What little evidence
exists studying tickets vs accidents seem to indicate at worst no di-
rect relation, and at best a slight negative correlation! (And no, I can
not cite the studies, just what "I've read" over the years.)

   a few elected officials/off duty police officers start receiving these
    -  then we'll see some action to curtail this (it still might be an 
   acceptable option for school zones or some specialty cases).

Naive child! Everyone knows that the government (the police in particu-
lar) are de facto exempt from their regulations; such tickets will be
"thrown out" as a matter of course ("professional courtesy", so to speak).