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Re: License Plates

Robert D. Houk sez:
> Sheesh, been watching too many late-night black'n'white flicks? Tickets
> are revenue-raising tools (I'd say "scam"). Period. What little evidence
> exists studying tickets vs accidents seem to indicate at worst no di-
> rect relation, and at best a slight negative correlation! (And no, I can
> not cite the studies, just what "I've read" over the years.)

Hear, hear!

What I want to know is: How on earth did "We The People" ever let this come
to pass?  We have gone from an era of sky-high speed limits, (relatively)
less safe cars, and few tickets (the '40s to '60s), to an era of turtle-pace
speed limits, very much safer automobiles, and tickets-as-crucial-revenue
stream.  All with little to no effective change in the highway traffic death

I, for one, would rather simply pay a straightforward tax than play ticket

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