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Re: 5ktq bar ?'s

> The bar reading sounds about right and if your mileage is that low, I would
> invest in an O2 sensor...  This will increase your boost (you should see only
> 1.4 bar under the best of conditions, otherwise 1.3).  If you switch your
> engine to on without starting you are correct in seeing 1.0 since this is
> absolute pressure.  Once you start the car however vaccuum is measured at
> anything below 1.0 (atmosheric press) so your .5 is vacuum...  The way I
> explain it to my wife is that if you see above 1.0 bar you are driving wiht
> the "turbo on".  BTW, the Intended acceleration stage I chip gets you to 1.8
> bar max and the stage II gets you to 2.0bar max...  Meanwhile check out the
> O2 and a can of Techron prob wouldn't hurt either/////////>>>
> Scott

	What is the use of an O2 sensor? Also, what is Techron?