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Re: Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

> All,
> <<As much as I would love to see "convenient" advertising, I would have to weigh
> in as saying "No". (This does not mean "private" members shouldn't call
> convenient sales/bargains/deals to the lists' attention!)
> Once "open" to commercial advertising, there is nothing to stop wholesale
> inundation of dumb advertising, and I don't want to see that happen.>>
> 	I agree with this point.
> 	There has been alot of discussion of O2 sensor monitors lately, so I
> thought that I would tell everyone that I sell these.  I have what I believe to
> be the best one on the market, but, of course, that is my opinion.  If anyone is
> interested, send me email directly, and I will give you details.
> Later,
> Graydon 

	I would love to e-mail you directly but I need your adress
first!  Thanks.