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Re: Brakes on 1988 90?

  I'll second what Bob said, the RepcoMetal Masters work GREAT on the
  street, as well as light-duty track use. No problems on the street even
  when stone cold, as least with modern power brake assist. I have found
  them to exhibit substantially reduced stopping power when totally soaking
  wet, not just driving in rain, but as in VERY deep puddles to total
  immersion, but then any brake pad material will exhibit poor performance
  if very wet/submerged. Use 'em!


> The rotors sound like a good deal.  I understand that the Repco pads, while
> great performance items, kinda stink for every day driving.  The take a
> while to heat up, and until then they don't work well.  Any rumors of
> increased pedal effort?

As for the Metal Master's being maringal on the street, I said it once,
and I'll say it again: They work great.  There is virtually no "lag-time"
before the pads heat up and grip, and it has been quite cold here in Ohio
this winter.  I will continue to use them.
  --87 4000S, 1.8L