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Re: Brakes on 1988 90?

<O>On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, Christopher Ice wrote:
<O>> The rotors sound like a good deal.  I understand that the Repco pads, while
<O>> great performance items, kinda stink for every day driving.  The take a
<O>> while to heat up, and until then they don't work well.  Any rumors of
<O>> increased pedal effort?
<O>As for the Metal Master's being maringal on the street, I said it once, 
<O>and I'll say it again: They work great.  There is virtually no "lag-time" 
<O>before the pads heat up and grip, and it has been quite cold here in Ohio 
<O>this winter.  I will continue to use them.
<O>			---Bob
<O>		--87 4000S, 1.8L

Seconded - I have them and they work great.