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Re: starfleet filter...?

>Just a curiosity question... Over the past few days I have been posting 
>messages about my car to everyone. And I must say, its a lot like being 
>at home, i get ignored.  ;-)  I figured you all must filter any SMTP 
>traffic from my machine!
>Am I sending it wrong...? (good possibility on that one!) If someone 
>could just give me a quick "jump off a cliff" message or something, I 
>would be grateful, and are my other messages getting through?? My 
>previous one was finding a stainless exhaust for my 90Q20V, and my 
>hot/cold transition.
>Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

Nope, you are showing up here just fine (At least in Phoenix).  

SS exhaust.  Don't know, but what ever you find out, let me know, I am
looking for something for my '88 90Q.

Hot/Cold Transition.  I don't know about the programming logic, but I
believe that there is not a distinct transition (Except when the O2 sensor
comes in).  I have had  similar problems, all traced to poor grounds or
connections to inputs to the FI computer (you only have one computer).  My
guess is that during the warmup something is breaking connection - as it
gets warmer, the connection is (re)made.  Of course, check the obvious first
- vacuumm leaks, etc.