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Re: starfleet filter...?

>Just a curiosity question... Over the past few days I have been posting 
>messages about my car to everyone. And I must say, its a lot like being 
>at home, i get ignored.  ;-)  I figured you all must filter any SMTP 
>traffic from my machine!
>Am I sending it wrong...? (good possibility on that one!) If someone 
>could just give me a quick "jump off a cliff" message or something, I 
>would be grateful, and are my other messages getting through?? My 
>previous one was finding a stainless exhaust for my 90Q20V, and my 
>hot/cold transition.
>Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Sorry Bob

I for one am not ignoring you.  I just don't have any satisfactory answers
As per Stainless Exhausts,  from past posts it seems many of the good
aftermarkets (I remember Borla being discussed) didn't get enough Audi
business to continue the line.  So that leaves people to customizing 
other makes  and using a reputable shop to bend and fit any custom
pipe thats necessary (Ti did this with a leistritz)

I'm still thinking about you're transition problem, though.

good luck 

jim h