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Re: 4-cyl engine stuff

>Next, who can I trust with machine work in the Akron/Cleveland area?
>Jim Healey, does Chris Smith do engine/machine work, or do you know of 
>someone else that I can trust?
He used to do alot of small custom stuff himself (adjustable cam 
sprockets etc.) but he stopped - it takes alot of time and he can't justify
passing that type of cost to a customer unless they really need it bad.

I'm sure he knows a few good machine shops.  In his youth he chased
power (by his account), but he realized that without a dynamometer he 
was losing alot to trial and error (his specialty/degree is in fuel 
management systems and now most of his upgrades are turbo 

>I will either:  do a simple "rebuld", ie. bearings, rings, gaskets, etc.
>and look for a cheap VW or Audi shell for a second car/parts chaser.
>Go all out, with a 1st overbore, blueprint, for my 87 4000.

Now you're talking

>			TIA
>			---Bob