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Re: Personal Intro 90Q20V

On Feb 26,  1:23am, Robert Mundo wrote:
> Subject: Personal Intro 90Q20V
> Hello to all you Quattro enthusists!
> While I don't actually own an Audi a close buddy of mine does.  He has asked
> that I exchange and research all of his Quattro question on the Internet for
> him.
> His Quattro is a 1990 20valve, 30k miles, red, leather, 5-speed.
> Currently he has a delima with a compressor bearing that is shot on his A/C
> unit.  Here in town we have only one authorized Audi distributor/dealer.
> Does anyone have addresses or phone numbers on a 3rd party of where he can
> find OEM replacement parts without being "price gouched"?
> Any info on high performance parts is also appreciated (engine, wheels,
> exterior, etc..)
> thanks
> Rob
>-- End of excerpt from Robert Mundo

Send mail to majordomo@swiss.ans.net with
	index quattro
in the body.

You'll recieve information about retrieving files (such as parts-vendors).

-- Rob

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