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Re: Insurance ?'s

On Feb 26,  6:28pm, Andrew Shea wrote:
> Subject: Insurance ?'s
>  Got a question for all of you. . .
> 	When I had my 4000cs on the road, I paid $1200 a year in
> insurance.  Now that I own a 5ktq (great car) my insurane is lower!!!
> In the end I will end up paying about $100 less a year.  Remember, the
> 4000 was non quattro.  I guess what I am asking is, "Why am I paying
> less insurance on my expensive all-wheel drive turbo charged car than I
> did on my 4000?"
> 	Any ideas?
> 	Thanks,
> 	Andrew
>-- End of excerpt from Andrew Shea

Typically insurance companies base their rates on claims history. Maybe, since
the 4000 is a less expensive car to buy new, more young guys buy them and crash
them. And since the 5ktq cost more to buy new, only staid drivers less likely
to crash them bought them. If an insurance company pays more dollars in claims
for the 4000 than the 5000, the cost of insuring the 4000 will be higher.

-- Rob

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