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82 4000s no start condition...

Greetings fellow wallet emptiers... I mean Audi owners.
   Tuesday morning, after a fairly nasty northeast ice storm Monday night, I 
was blessed with a moody audi.  I got about four good 5 sec cranks before 
the battery gave up the ghost.  I grumped a little, but had been expecting 
this since the car had a questionable battery upon purchase.  I dropped the 
jing for a Die hard and went back expecting it to start.  Yeah right.
   Well, the diagnostic trail has come up pretty blank for me so far.  I 
started with the basics.
 - I am getting spark to all the wires at regular intervals.  (the rotor is 
 - The coil tested out fine.
 - The fuel pump is running.
 - I'm getting fuel from the Cold start valve and the injectors. (if I lift 
the mass air sensor plate)
 - The aux. air bypass is seeing voltage.
 - The frequency valve is humming away normally.
   At this point, I'm going to do a compression test to see if it's up to 
spec.  Best I can figure is that I slipped a tooth on the timing belt and 
it's causing the no start.  I'm getting fuel and spark, but just maybe not 
at the right time.
   Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be?  The 
intermediate shaft is run by anything else except the timing belt and 
doesn't run anything but the distributor, correct?  i.e. if the rotor turns, 
the timing belt has broken.
   The car ran fine prior to this incident.  It had a couple hard starts 
since last Thursday, but I'm fairly confident that they were solely related 
to the weak battery.  No problem as I drove the car into it's space.  It 
just wouldn't start in the morning.

Oh well, food for thought.  TIA for any leads or suggestions.