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TOOLS: Useful Pivoting head 3/8" ratchet

Well ... I got the EM studs reinstalled on the ur last night.  The major 
problem was getting to the lower stud on #2 (it's tough to get anything in 
there that doesn't interfere with the turbo).  Over the weekend I found 
that SK tools makes what they call a "Roto Ratchet"  The ratchet's handle 
pivots about the center of the ratchet mechanism.  It is very similar to 
having a ratchet mechanism built into a universal joint adapter.  I man-
aged to get a deep 6-point socket connected to the ratchet in there to 
tighten the nut.  The ratchet also has a 72 tooth head, giving 5 degree 

The SK part number for the Roto Ratchet is 43875.

BTW ... I too saw the big throttle valve bypass valve buried under the 
FI & intake plumbing on the QTC.  It looks to me as though it is meant 
to be some type of decel bypass ... the valve is controlled by manifold 
vacuum.  It is shown on the vacuum plumbing diagram on the hood, but the 
connection to the IM was left out of the diagram.  I also noticed that 
there is another, electrically operated, bypass valve which is apparently 
to increase the idle speed when the A/C is on.

I got the engine running last night ... no more exhaust leak @ the EM!
Now all that I need is to adjust the valves, get the car smogged and I
should be back on the road by this weekend! <Vbg>

Steve Buchholz