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Re: Special Tools?

I know where Arun is located, and from context I believe that Eddi is located 
somewhere near me, but I don't know where you are Peter.  I just talked to my 
brother-in-law, who works for a automotive tool company in Santa Clara, CA.  
He can sell tools at the list price and ship them anyhwere, but for people 
who live nearby he can work a cash discount.  I had him quote the following 

AST 2069 - Hex socket for shocks    List  $68.01, discounted to  ~$48
AST 2079 - Harmonic Balancer wrench List  $92.12, discounted to  ~$65
AST 2084 - Crank holder used w/2079 List  $91.23, discounted to  ~$64
VW1318 - Fuel pressure gauge        List $258.50, discounted to ~$173
K100-5 - Adapter for VW1318         List  $57.91, discounted to  ~$41
Hazet H798-5 - VW Hose clamp pliers List  $50.01, discounted to  ~$35

All prices would need to have CA sales tax added to them.  He stocks most 
tools, but some of the more esoteric ones might take a week to come in.  
For now I'd be willing to work local deals, and if anyone has ideas for how 
the payment and shipping issues can be worked out I might be able to help 
those farther away.  [At least for now] I'm not planning to make any money 
for myself.

Give me a call if you are interested ... or want more info.
Steve Buchholz
(408) 456-6244 (work)

>  > I am looking to price a special tool to remove struts on my Audi 200T. I 
>  > remember a company by the name of Zelenda (sp?) which sold special tools for
>  >  
>  > German cars. Anyone have an address or phone number for this company?
> No, but Stranos (800-729-1831, ask for "Arlyn") says they carry Zelenda. 
> Another source is Assenmacher Specialty Tools (AST) (800-525-2943, from
> an old catalog). In 1992, part #2069 was $68. It's a long, hollow, hex
> socket. One of the list members mentioned an offer to do some quotes for
> us if there's interest. If a good discount, I'm interested in tools such
> as:
>  Fuel pressure gauge with fittings for CIS-E (VW #1318 and K100-5)
>  A racheting/latching version of #H798-5, Hazet's version of the plier to
>  use on those blasted radiator hose clamps.
>  Pulley holder (#2084) and maybe wrench (#2079) for R&R of crankshaft pulley.
>  Another list member knew a machinist that made the holder and got the
>  names of interested members. I would rather go that route (cheaper), but
>  if it'll be awhile, ...
>  I've seen other sources (Techtonics) for the exhaust-spring-clip remover 
>  (#2585), but this looks fairly nice.
>  Any other sources for these tools? TIA!
> -- Eddi
>  > Thanks.
>  > Peter

	But, O Great Master, where can I find the rare and
	precious VW/Audi tool 2069 with which to remove the
	threaded cap holding the cartridge? Or do you wish
	me to go into battle armed with Channelocks, as other
	warriors before me have done? :-))

	- Arun "been there, had Sears do it" Rao