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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #5


I have an '81 Coupe with 97k miles. I've had it for about 6 months having
purchased it from a good friend who's had it since new.

Here's some things to look out for.

1) The fuse block is pretty touchy. My car went through a period where it would
die without warning and refuse to start. Running a jumper from +12 to post 15
on the coil would allow it to start. The fix was to replace the fuse block
(about $120 USD). I know that this car had the fuse block replaced once before
as well. My mechanic says this is very common on the early Coupes.

2) Various electrical problems are common due to the thinness of wire and the
number of relays that Audi insists on. If something doesn't work, often just
cleaning the connection helps.

3) If you have the stock antenna, don't expect *any* AM reception. FM will be

4) Headlights are dim, at best. You might want to run them directly from the
battery through their own relay.

5) I've replaced the stereo in my car but not the speakers. I understand that
Blaupunkt makes 4" speakers. The front speakers are a bit odd to deal with.
Someone posted their experience a while back and maybe will post again.

6) I'd do the timimg belt every 60k at least. It's not too much of a job in
this car.

7) Just yesterday I finally found the source to an engine stumble I was
fighting with. The pick up coil.

In general, I've really enjoyed the car and have had little trouble with it.
Most of the problems have been electrical in nature.

-- Rob

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