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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #5

At 12:13 PM 3/1/95 -0500, Robert Phillips wrote:
>On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Steve Berube wrote:
>>  I just bought a 82 4000 coupe (2.2l) with 140 000 km for $1200cdn.
>>  I want to install a small sound system but I need to know where
>>  I can get speakers for the front and rear 4".
>I have 5.25" rear Blaupunkt's in my 87 4000S.  They fit with a minimum of
>mods, and sound much better than the 4".  As mentioned previously on this
>list, the fronts have to be modified to fit aftermarket speakers.   Maybe
>someone else can help with this?
>If you want the gory details, e-mail me directly.
>                        ----Bob

OK, I am never ever going to catch up on email...notice the date.

So, please send gory details on speaker replacement, of both the rear and
front.  I can't figure out the rear, how the are attached.  The fronts are
just a plain very stupid design.  The speakers are rattling now, and it is
so very annoying, as I like my sound clean.  I realize I am going to give
up bass, as the biggest speaker would be a 5.25, possibly a 6-6.5 if you
push it.  I don't like the idea of a sub, as there is no space in that car
for one.

Thanks for the info.

Apple declined to comment.

John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com
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