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Re: Scalloped tires?!? and parts appetite...

> >  At the 15K service they balanced and rotated the tires.  At this
> > >> time we noticed a vibration and annoying noise.  The tires make a high
> > >> pitched wakawakawaka sound at highway speeds (at least that is were it is
> > >> noticed).  I also pay close attention to tire pressure and there are no
> > >> syptoms of alignment or balance problems.  
> > 
> > Sounds like they blew the balance...
> > 
> > Also sounds like you've got a helluva symptom, too.
> > 
> > Are we forgetting that we learned back in our early days of car addiction
> > that some cars are real senstitive to balance and that can cause scalloping
> > of the tires...even when you don't usually feel much vibration...

I should have been more clear in my description.  The vibration we
experience is a light seat of the pants vibration, that can be felt
throughout the car and not through the steering wheel.  The noise is
far more annoying and than the vibration, especially on a car this new.
I was just amazed that Chris, the original poster, had experienced a
problem after the 15k service in the same area that we have.  I also
noticed that at the 7.5k service the wear in the tires was negligible.
But prior to the 15K the wear difference (front to back) was far more
noticeable.  But I think we will get the 22.5k service tomorrow, so
maybe I'll have something else to comment on then.

Daniel Adams