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Re: Any good & cheap MA body repair sho

To: quattro@swiss.ans.net                        

In terms of a good MA body repair shop in the Boston area I can
recommend Apple Auto Body in Allston. They fixed my 89 90Q after
someone decided to take out the entire driver side of the car. They
matched the paint perfectly (Lago Blue) and guaranteed their work
for the life of the car. As for cheap, I'm not sure insurance paid
for it all.

As for the car being too slow off the line tell me about it!!! Last
year I spent around $260 - $300 in upgrades they are as follows:
	A TAP (Total Audi Performance) Chip +16hp
	A K&N Filtercharger Air filter	+ 4hp
The car performs differently, thats for sure, however, its no S4. I
recommend the upgrades.

Alan Breitman
email: abreitma@reach.com

1977 240D -- 1985 4000S -- 1987 4000CSQ -- 1989 90Q