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Seems like a simple task but....

I'm trying to remove the trim plastic over the 4-speed auto gear shifter on
my '91 100 but I don't know how.  Do I just yank at the plastic cover until
it comes off or is there something more to it ??  I'm trying to replace some
burnt out lights in the gear selector housing.  If there are small latches
on the trim plate where are they located so I won't damage the plactic cover.

The old 3-speed auto is different, the cover comes off easily when pulled on.

Guess Audi improves on the fit and finish but I have a harder time to take 
things off :)...

A similar question is how do I remove the vent louvres for the rear passenger
The movable louvres is damaged and I would like to know how to remove the
thing first before I look for a new (used?) one.