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Transmission problem?

I may have a transmission problem with my 1990 80Q. This weekend
I heard what I thought was a slipping belt noise after a 20 mile
trip around town. But after opening the hood, I noticed the noise
was definitely coming from behind the engine. 

I also have fresh oil on some of the forward facing surfaces of
the bell housing (engine oil?). There is also oil on the driver's
side drive shaft. It looks older (much more dirt in it), but there's
a good deal on the drive flange and the rubber boot.

During the last few weeks, downshifting rapidly caused a slight
grind of the gears. I assumed that I needed to adjust the clutch
travel. If I downshifted normally, the grinding almost never occured.

Does anyone know where the gear oil fill plug is the 01A
transmission. I'm going to get under the car this week and take a
look around. Any thing in particular that I should look for?

Any ideas would be _very_ appreciated!

Alan Page