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Re: Transmission problem?

Sounds like you may have a clutch problem in the making, Alan, I think you're
on the right track by checking the basics first, though...

The oil that's leaking onto the bellhousing, is that coming from a leak at
the head or VC gasket? Is your engine oil level OK? Has this leak been
developing for awhile, or is it a sudden development? There is an access port
in the bellhousing to check the timing marks, is there oil around/in it? That
might indicate that your oil leak has seeped into the bellhousing and onto
the clutch itself. No cure for that, a new clutch is the solution!:(

I'm getting ahead of myself, though, let's check the trans oil level, engine
oil level, and give a quick check to those CV joint boots while you're under
the car. CV grease isn't usually mistaken for engine oil, and it's much
thicker. The gear oil that's in your trans will look like engine oil, but have
 a much more pungent odor to it.

I'm not sure, but you probably have a hydraulic clutch, another poss source of
 grinding when shifting. You owners manual or shop manual should have the
answer on that one. 

PS: how many miles on this unit?

Hope this helps!
-Chris Semple
'84 4000q