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Re: Weird hot start problem w...

John, I may be way off track on this, but when I read your post on the hot
start problem it sounded like a textbook fuel line vapor lock problem. I've
never had it happen to me, or even seen it out in the wild, but the symptoms
sound perfect. 

No problems with cold start: the fuel in cool in the lines, mists fine.
No problems with idle: the fuel won't lock while in motion in the lines, the
flow rate keeps the temp down.

It doesn't sound like a typical fuel pump problem to me. I've heard of more
vapor lock problems with oxy(winter blend) petrol, perhaps others could
advise on their experiences?

In terms of advice on a solution or test, I'll give it my best guess. A
combination of keeping underhood temps down around the fuel lines and summer
blend petrol should cure it up. Anyone who has access to Charles Probst's
book on Bosch FI could look this up to see if there is an official solution.
I guess if I were stuck roadside with this problem, I'd try to relieve system
pressure in hopes that would break the lock. Don't break any connections that
would spray fuel on a hot engine component. 

Hope this theorizing helps, if it's not even close to your solution, maybe
I've entertained someone!

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q