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Re: About those License plate brackets......

Hairy green toads from Mars made mlarosa@interserv.com say:
> Hello Audi Fans!!!
> 	I've been away from E-mail for about 3 month's and am so glad to be 
> back on the quattro group list again!  
> 	Hopefully I don't get shot for this request but here goes anyway..... 
> About those License plate brackets.  I'd like one for my car, an 89 audi 100. 
> Mine was destroyed last year when the pizza delivery car pulled a "rockford" 
> into my front bumper.....  I'm willing to even pay for it :-)  I read the 
> thread but unfortunately deleted it before I thought geez I could use one of 
> those :-(  I think remember someone in Acton, Mass had one ?  is that right ? 
> I'm in Nashua NH.  Whoever has one they wouldn't mind parting with please 
> e-mail back and we'll arrange something. 

	Gary Webster <GARY@synaxis.com> has them. I should probably
get one myself; someone stole mine with the plate itself.

	BTW, Welcome back to the list.

> 89 100 (mine)
> 88 528ea (wife) FOR SALE (currently garaged & covered)

	That other car didn't last long.... 

	Audi made a 100Q wagon with automatic, starting around '92
or so. You might be able to pick one up, but $12K would be pushing
it for price.


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