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Re: About those License plate brackets......

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, my cats made me write:

> > Gary Webster <GARY@synaxis.com> has them. I should probably
> > get one myself; someone stole mine with the plate itself.

To which hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Phillips reply:
> I'm sure it's mighty nice and all, but why would someone want your license 
> plate?  Is this continuing on the photo-radar thread?  If I get Andrew's 
> plate, speed past the photo-radar setup, he gets the ticket?

I assume it was taken so someone could have a "clean" plate
to use for a crime of some sort. It was lost in New Haven, CT.
This is not exactly a nice town.

On the other hand, it could have been torn off in some small
accident, but there were no signs of other damage.

BTW, thanks for the advice on the Heli-coil. Maybe I can get
my shop to put one in.


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