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'86 200 Q

I am considering purchasing an '86 200Q. According to
the seller it is a European version, and that it supposedly
has a 200+hp TQC drivetrain. Does anyone own this model?

  - Is it really the 200+hp engine? The guy told me that
    it is a 2.3L engine (I thought the 200+hp version is
    the 2.2L). Are there any obvious ways of being able
    to tell whether it is the 200+hp engine he says, or
    the 160hp, 2.3L 5KT engine?

  - If it is what he says, how hard is it to get engine

  - The car has 216K (I haven't checked yet whether it is
    miles or kilos), but the interior as well as the body 
    is in good condition.

  - He is asking $5k, which is kind of high regarding the
    mileage, but if it is really what he says it is, and
    the major drivetrain components are working well, I 
    might consider dumping my 1989 80Q.

 Oh BTW, just in case: 

    FOR SALE: 1989 80 quattro 115K. Has most of the little
              (ski bag, heated seats, headlight washers...
               I guess you'd call it the cold weather package)
              Everything works. New BFG Comp T/A's at 110K. 
              Could need frt. rotors and pads. $$6500

Tom Leveckis