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Re: summer tires

Glen Powell wrote:
>   Eagle GAs aren't dogs, they're quiet, smooth riding, long lasting
>   cruising tires. Great for 5000/100/200 type automobiles. Not the hot
>   setup for ur-Qs, S4s and other performance models, but just fine for
>   "typical highway use", strictly IMFO.

The sad thing is that VW is using them as OEM tires on all the VR6 models,
including the Golf, Jetta and Passat -- the four-cylinder models (including
the Golf GTI 2.0L) seem all to be getting the pathetic Goodyar Invictas.  
Quite a step down from the P600s my '86 GTI came with.  :(

I have GAs on my Passat VR6, and can't wait for the day that I can replace
them with real tires.  They have no grip, squeal in the corners at the
slightest provocation and don't ride any quieter than Comp T/As.  And since
I have Michelin XM+S 330s for the winter, snow performance is irrelevant.

"Friends don't let friends buy all-season tires for performance cars."  :)

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