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Audi Quattro - The Official Story

The following is a review of this video tape from PP Video as it appeared in
the 9 February issue of Autosport:

    A curious title because although it is, without doubt, about the Audi
Quattro there is little evidence of a story.

    The footage appears to have come from Audi's promitional archives and
contains some spectacular shots.  Ranging from the early days with Hannu
Mikkola to Pikes Peak, Walter Rohrl and Hans Stuck. Where it falls down is
the complete lack of narrative to explain what is happening or where.

    Consequently you would need to know the story in the first place to be
able to appreciate the film.  The only dialogue there is amounts to a few
interviews, but although Mikkola and Michele Mouton speak in English, Rohrl
and Stuck do not and there are no subtitles.  The material is there for a
great video but the producers have left the job unfinished.

>From a follow-up in the 23 February issue:

    Following our recent review of this title that we criticised for a lack
of commentary, it was revealed that a faulty batch of tapes had been
produced with the commentary missing and ours was one.  With this in mind,
if the words match up to the quality of the film it should be an excellent


I believe this is the video that was mentioned around here recently and I
suspect it will be available from Eric Waiter (EWAMINCAR@delphi.com) soon
if not already.  The UK list was 12.99 pounds sterling which works out to
approximately $US20 ... sounds interesting.

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