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Re: Roll Bars

> How feasible is it to make a roll bar?  I know various aftermarket 
> companies have cages/bars for many cars, but it's a little difficult for 
> more obscure performance cars. (Audi)
> What business, in private industry, would have the ability/tooling to 
> make a custom roll cage?  By this I mean, for exhaust one goes to an 
> exhaust shop, for tranmission work one goes to tranmission shop, etc.

The only hard part to making a roll cage is bending the tubing ... the tube
bender used by most muffler shops crimps the inside edge of the tube, which
is a no-no when it comes to safety.  In order to get the job done correctly,
you'll probably have to go to a shop that builds racecars ... believe it or
not, you can find these listed in the Yellow pages (at least here in AZ!).

Safety Devices, a British company, makes (or used to make) a bolt-in cage to
fit the Audi 4000 ... last time I checked (circa March of 1993) it was about
US$750 and available only on special order. I don't know who the US importer
is these days -- it seems to change failry regularly -- but try checking the
Sportscar classifieds under "roll cages." 

BTW, the latest Demon Tweeks catalog from the UK shows that Sparco makes a
3-piece aluminum strut brace to fit the "Audi 80/90 to 1987, incl Coupe and
Quattro."  The price is 76.12 pounds sterling (approx. $125) plus shipping,
whatever that might be.  I'm considering ordering one -- it's still cheaper
than making my own -- and will try to negotiate a volume discount if enough
other people express interest.

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