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Re: Simple-minded turbocharger ruminations ...

Without requoting all that's gone on here before,  the suggestion of "fooling"
the ECU into "thinking" that the boost is lower than it is is exactly the 
path taken by the Superchips "modified computer" on my car.  Pin 1 was replaced with a small resistor and a zener was soldered between pin 1 and pin 5.
Values?  DAMFINO.  The markings are simply too small for these feble old eyes
of mine.  :-(  (Getting old is tough.)

My computer display shows a maximum boost between 1.2 and 1.3 bar while I'm
actually getting about 2.4 bar on the same scale.  This works out to a max.
voltage at pin 1 of about 3.125 volts.  If ya wanna play these games, I'd
suggest this as a reasonable starting point.

Have fun!

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