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Re: New radiator for '86 Coupe GT

   >because the radiators on these cars use plastic tanks and he can't get them
   >to seal perfectly (if at all) when reinstalling them.  Anyone else have any
   >experience with doing this?

   Well, neither my father's nor my radiator is plastic.  I don't know which
   models are, and which aren't, but I would guess that all 4K & Coupe models
   have all aluminum radiators (or at least '85 and earlier cars do).

Apparently the "new" way is to use plastic/etc radiators that are just
kinda "press-fit/crimped" together. Cheaper (to make if not to sell to
us...) and lighter.

Given how well Audi's other "plastic" parts survive the years, this does
not fill me with confidence!